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San Diego Treatment and Recovery Center Dual Diagnosis Treatment

The Right Treatment Program Is Essential To Recovery - Dual Diagnosis

Addiction recovery is one of the roughest roads that a person can walk. When clients are facing a coexisting mental health issue, the rehabilitation process requires specialized dual-diagnosis expertise. At San Diego Treatment and Recovery Center our experienced Therapists will determine whether emotional instability is relevant in an individual's drug addiction. When we begin the process with a new client we clinically assess each client's individual mental health issues. Our intensive outpatient treatment program incorporates a modified dual-diagnosis program that is specific to our clients specific needs.

What is a Dual Diagnosis? Whether other mental illness issues have developed as a result of chemical dependency or before addiction began. As drug dependence increases, so does the co-occurring conditions. In light of this, both disease must be dealt with at the same time to accomplish the highest percent of success. Contingent on the individual customer's needs, our treatment programs for dual diagnosed patients must consist and incorporate a plan of individual therapy, recreational therapy, nutrition and exercise, support groups, medication management, family therapy, and aftercare planning.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment - San Diego Dual Diagnosis San Diego Rehabilitation Center Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Co-Occurring Disorders

Unique, Effective Dual Diagnosis Treatment