• When clients are facing a coexisting mental health issue, the rehabilitation process requires specialized dual-diagnosis expertise.
Rehabilitation Center San Diego

Addiction Treatment

  • Customized drug rehabilitation programs address individual needs & give clients the best opportunity for effective substance abuse recovery.

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  • We provide risk-free, safe, drug and alcohol free, environments in which co-existing peers in recovery can assist each other into their new life of sobriety

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San Diego Treatment & Recovery

Rehabilitation Center San Diego

San Diego Treatment and Recovery Center offers a gateway to sobriety filled with new insights and living skills. We provide treatment in a caring, supportive environment, which preserves dignity and respect for the individual.

We supply our clients with the tools to live without the need to medicate themselves. Through discovering individual strength, resolving issues and finding serenity we improve our client's chance for long term recovery.


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Start your journey of recovery today. Please call, the information you provide will be 100% confidential. You can contact us 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Our Admissions Process

We Accept Most Insurance

Using our straightforward insurance verification form, we will confirm the advantages you have accessible for your treatment here at San Diego Treatment and Recovery Center.

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Programs Offered

Our dedicated team of trained addiction professionals provide individualized treatment programs for recovery

Rehabilitation Center San Diego

Drug Treatment

San Diego Treatment & Recovery Center offers specialized drug rehabilitation programs for men and women suffering from substance abuse or chemical dependency.

Addiction Treatment San Diego

Outpatient Rehab

Our outpatient addiction program in San Diego County benefits those who are unable to take time out of their lives for intensive residential addiction treatment methods

Addiction Treatment San Diego

Dual Diagnosis

Mental illnesses developed as a result of chemical dependency or before addiction began require specific dual diagnoses or co-occurring disorder treatment.

Addiction Treatment San Diego

Alcohol Treatment

San Diego Treatment and Recovery Center offers a unique, alcohol rehabilitation program which utilizes therapeutic activities toward alcohol addiction recovery.

Addiction Treatment San Diego

Sober Living

Our Normal Heights Sober Living program allows recovering addicts and alcoholics the freedom, structure and network to co-exist with others in recovery.


Addiction Treatment San Diego

Extended Care

In extended care patients explore the patterns they seek to break, the reasons for negative behaviors they employed in the past, and how to form and keep new positive habits.

More About Us...

Addiction Treatment

Why SDTRC instead of another provider?

San Diego Treatment and Recovery Center is a small, privately owned facility. Unlike some larger providers, we do not have to answer to investors or other stakeholders.

Therefore, we are able to focus on delivering outstanding client care in a cozy, intimate and caring environment without the extreme financial considerations of larger providers.

Does insurance cover my treatment?

Yes, most insurance companies will cover Intensive Residential and Outpatient substance abuse and mental health treatment.

San Diego Treatment and Recovery Center participates with most major insurance carriers. We work with the client and their families to help make any uncovered expenses as affordable as possible.

How do I know if I am an addict or alcoholic?

At San Diego Drug and Treatment Recovery Center we avoid labels and embrace empowerment. We also believe that not everyone’s an addict. Through our unique, clinical expertise, and varying levels and lengths of treatment, we’ll educate you about substance use disorders and help you arrive at your own informed conclusion.

You may be an addict or just someone who needs to rethink their relationship with substances. We find that when young people decide for themselves that they want to change, seismic shifts in behavior begin to occur.

What if I don't have insurance?

For those who do not have insurance, we offer highly competitive self-pay rates for assessment and treatment.

The cost of an initial assessment and rates for ongoing treatment, if needed, are very reasonable. At SDTRC, your recovery is our first priority.

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