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San Diego Treatment and Recovery Center Outpatient Treatment Program

Accredited and certified addiction outpatient rehab programs, services and philosophies

Before entering our Outpatient Program it may be necessary for some clients to undergo drug and/or alcohol detoxification. If so, San Diego Treatment and Recovery Center can make referrals to local facilities in order to make the transition into our program seamless.

Our intensive outpatient program is effective for individuals who are unable to take the extra time out of their busy lives to attend a residential treatment program. Those who are working, going to school or even stay at home parents often choose this sort of program because they simply cannot check themselves into a live-in rehab. In some instances, our clients may choose our outpatient program in conjunction with a sober living situation. We have seen great success with this approach and we feel it is the next best alternative to residential rehab.

Regardless of whether you decide to attend our intensive outpatient program only or in conjunction with sober living, the purpose of the treatment process will be to offer you guidance and support. Old habits will soon disappear as you begin using the new tools taught by our staff. It is very important to remember that there is not one solution that works for everyone. We will do our best to compile a treatment program which will be best for the individual client always keeping in mind his or her well being.

Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment Outpatient Rehab San Diego Rehabilitation Center Outpatient Rehab San Diego

Outpatient Rehab Programs

Unique, Effective Outpatient Treatment Approach

Outpatient Rehab San Diego

Our staff will develop and individualized outpatient treatment program just for you. San Diego Treatment and Recovery Center offers intensive treatment but with an enjoyable and relaxed environment. Our therapists customize your drug and alcohol treatment program plans in order to provide the best possible help for your individual needs. Our therapists are able to provide a customized treatment plan which will take your individual needs into consideration. San Diego Treatment and Recovery Center will customize your treatment plan based on your individual needs and the following 10 principles: